CT OER Grant Highlights

Since the launch of the CT OER Grant Program in Fall 2020...

Three rows of icons representing students

5,622 Students

benefited from the CT OER Grant Program to date

stack of dollar bills

Saving Over $716,900

as students avoided the cost of commercial textbooks

graduation cap on top of a book

93% Persistence

students successfully completed their coursework as they were better prepared and engaged with OER

chart depicting an up arrow

Performance 81%

over 80% of the students within the OER grant program earned a grade of C or better

The State of Connecticut's investment has resulted in a yearly 4X ROI

three siloutes of people representing faculty

132 Different Faculty

participated in the grant program

siloutes of several people representing students

305 Sections

were engaged with the use of Open Educational Resources

stack of three books representing different disciplines

Over 100 Unique Course Titles

have connected OER resources available

cartoon image of a university building

25 Different Institutions

received funds from the CT OER Grant Program

When combined with the reported continued usage of OER beyond the grant period by our previous grantees, the CT OER Grant Program represents over 8,322 students avoiding over $1,031,000.