2020 CT OER Grant Awardees

2020 CT OER Grant Program Awardees

The Connecticut OER Coordinating Council is pleased to announce the awardees for our inaugural CT OER Grant Program.

Our awardees include faculty, staff, and administrators from public and private colleges and universities from across the state, who are working to ensure that Connecticut students have the benefit of equitable access to high-quality, openly licensed learning materials. Through review, and impact grants, our awardees are focused on pushing forward the production, use, and access of open educational resources in Connecticut higher education.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s awardees!

Review Grants

The evaluation of openly licensed content for appropriateness for a given discipline.

  • Nicolas Simon, Eastern Connecticut State University (2)

  • Pamela Pirog, Housatonic Community College

Adoption Grants

The use of openly licensed materials, generally in replacement of high cost commercial textbooks.

  • Yan Zhuang and Priya Kohli, Connecticut College

  • Barbara Murdoch, Eastern Connecticut State University

  • Edward Becker, Housatonic Community College

  • Janet Hayes, Housatonic Community College

  • Ibtsam Mahfouz, Manchester Community College

  • Jill Flanigan, Middlesex Community College

  • Bernadine Franco, Naugatuck Valley Community College

  • Amy Lenoce Royal, Naugatuck Valley Community College

  • MaryAnn Murtha, Naugatuck Valley Community College (2)

  • Latisha Nielsen, Naugatuck Valley Community College

  • April Parsons, Northwestern Connecticut Community College

  • O. Brian Kaufman, Quinebaug Valley Community College

  • Hasan Arslan & Rainer Kroll, Western Connecticut State University

  • Howell Williams, Western Connecticut State University

  • Sharon Yamen, Western Connecticut State University

Supplemental Grants

The creation of supporting instructional materials in conjunction with the use of openly licensed content.

  • Nicolas Simon, Eastern Connecticut State University

  • Janet Hayes, Housatonic Community College

  • Carla Adams, Manchester Community College

  • Deb Boyle, Manchester Community College

  • Ibtsam Mahfouz, Manchester Community College

  • Joseph Manthey, University of Saint Joseph

  • Caroline Waldbuesser, Western Connecticut State University (2)

Impact Grants

Larger-scale, collaborative projects that address adopting, creating, or supplementing openly licensed content.

  • Jason Snyder & Mark Cistulli, Central Connecticut State University

  • Joshua Elliott & Craig Tunks, Fairfield University

  • Vinod Dhar, Paula Dowd, Marcie Stock, Tammy Webb, Michelle Dent, Vivienne Friday, Brittney Yancy, Vita Vernace, and Petra Mursch, Goodwin University